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  • Very happy with the services and advise on after care.

    Added July 22, 2017 by A Google User
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    This place should be rated 0 zero stars. Absolute pit. Stains on walls, furniture and curtains. This place makes a visitation more forlorn, if that is even possible. Stay away!

    Added June 08, 2017 by Maya Wasserman
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My mom died in June 2010. She died in her home and my stupid sister decided this place was a good one, so they transported my mother to this dump. I could tell stories, but here are my main complaints:

    1) I had to tell them 3 different times to send the bill to me as I was the executor
    2) they didn't send the death certs/bill until 1.5 months after her burial so I had to go get new certs at the end of June so I could take care of her accounts at the licensing center. And when I got there, they said these had been issued 2 weeks before that. Explain to me then why the funeral home couldn't give them to me?
    3) they stained her casket the day of the funeral and all the pall bearers got stain on their hands. Nice.
    4)They didn't call me to tell me where at Ft. Snelling it was. I had to call them! For crying out I not have enough to do?
    5) When I asked them for the 100th time where the bill went (and they had no idea) they told me to "settle down sweetheart". Jerk weeds.
    6)I get the bill and I sat on it for a month and they call me all pissy asking where the money is. So i tell them I'm coming down to pay it. They do not inform me that half the road is actually closed due to construction and when I get there, my husband can't get in. It is locked. So he sits and rings the door a bunch of times and after 5 minutes, finally they let him in. What a bunch of idiots. We did tell you we were coming didn't we?

    My biggest complaint however is when we put in an obit we put "memorials preferred". So what did they tell people who were trying to give memorials? "Oh, just give it to anyone you prefer". someone was actually going to pay the entire fee until they heard that and thought we were being sheisters and lying to them. Thanks alot you blow hards. You guys suck butt.

    Steer clear of them! By all means, do not use these people. It's hard enough to lose my mom, but then to deal with these retards on top of it. Goodnight.

    Added May 21, 2017 by A Google User
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Peter helped us out when we were totally lost in life losing are 14 year old son. Thank you Peter... This could of been a better review if issues never took place... We called July 2 2016 to see if son's remains were available for us to pick up... Peter's business partner answered the phone and told us he wasn't back yet... Not aware we just called another person in my family happen to call the funeral home and was told are son has been ready for pickup for a couple days... Then stated that he was leaving at 3pm but would leave remains in some hallway... He was advised not to do so and family member called and informed us of what was said... We then drove to funeral home and arrived at 1145am. My wife opened entrance doors to go in and seen a black bag on a bench in the breeze way with a envelope on top... It was are son... And his cremation paperwork far from being secure with nobody around to explain why this happened... in tears... My wife came out with are sons remains and said just go home... Thanks for telling us he wasn't available for pickup but literally told someone other then us he was ready to pickup but had to before 3pm because they were leaving... Thanks for mishandling are son's remains in a very unprofessional manner... The situation was already heartbreaking...

    Added December 19, 2016 by Patrick Fitzgerald
  • ☆ ☆ ☆

    Totally disappointed. Rude, rude and more rude. Didn't have time to check this place out prior to our mom passing away so we were put on the spot when we needed it sooner than expected. When organizing the memorial they were of no help we had to ask the questions and make suggestions. We asked them to announce something and they didn't, just looked at us like we were from another planet. Lower level was dirty, bathroom looks like it was never cleaned. Refrigerator had old food in it with mold and messy. Now went to get some of her ashes out of the urn only to find chunks of bones/teeth or something with the ashes. Thoroughly disgusted. This is not the kind of event you can do over or take you time checking things out. Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

    Added October 31, 2016 by Robin Carletta
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